Interview The Alchemist

06/09/2009 | Interview by The Unseen Hand with contributions from Nicobbl et JB (Traduction) | Version française

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Havoc wearing a Lacoste just like Calbo and Lino back in the end of the nineties!A: I don’t know if you remember but we had a previous interview a couple of months ago and we talked about a song with Havoc & Collie Buddz…

Al: Oh yeah I remember! I don’t know what happened to that song. How did you know about that?

A: I heard a lot of people talking about it. I’m not a snitch but I can give you my inside source. It’s…

Al: Armen!

A: Armen.

Al: I knew you were going to say Armen. (laughs) He said it was dope?

A: Yeah, he called me while I was in France to tell me about this song.

Al: I remember him liking the Three Six Mafia’s record a lot but I don’t know… You know what? I’m gonna leak it out in the next couple of weeks but I’m not going to do nothing else with it. Put it this way: I like the song more than I like the beat. I don’t know if you’re going to jump out the window with this one. It’s a dope melody, it’s hard but it’s more about the rhymes and I like the chorus.

A: Did you listen back to "Chemical Warfare" yet? If you did, is there something you would have changed?

Al: There are a couple of things I probably feel like I could have added but I’m pretty happy with it. I’m comfortable right now.

A: I respect the fact that you didn’t put the song with Lil Wayne and Travis McCoy on the album because you didn’t think it was a track that could fit the project…

Al: I love the song. I just felt like it didn’t fit "Chemical Warfare". It’s almost like a painter and it’s the color I chose not to use. It’s not that I don’t like the color it’s just that I don’t think it would fit the painting.

A: A lot of people would have used the track because of the names on it.

Al: You know what? Maybe as a business thing, I made an Alchemist’s mistake. But musically, it shows you where my mind is at. You can tell right there it ain’t about bread.

A: Last time I interviewed you; you told me you wanted to work with Crooked I and you finally had a chance to do it on the Gangrene record. Did you have the opportunity to be in the studio with him?

Al: No I’ve only sent the files but Crooked I is sick, incredible, rap monster, maniaco bars, lock them up and put them in jail. I was happy to get him on the song and I definitely knew he had to rap last because I knew nobody would be able to rap after him. He finished it properly.

A: How does it feel to go one on one with G Rap?

Al: It’s like having a monolog with Al Pacino or Robert De Niro, being a young actor in a new movie. That’s the greatest.

A: Did you have some pressure writing your lyrics for this track?

Al: I actually had the record already. I kept it in the stash some times. When I had the idea, I was scared to tell him. I was like: “Do you think you can get on this track?” He told me he got it and he killed it. That’s the greatest of all time. I’ve got another joint with Kool G Rap and me in the stash and it was almost going to be on the album. I’ll probably leak that one out soon too.

A: Are you in a “leaking song mode” right now?

Al: I’ve got another album worth of material that I’m just keep leaking. I’m probably gonna do a "Chemical Still Over" album, an EP or something with all these joints. I got the Havoc/Collie Buddz, the Dilated People, the Kool G Rap songs. I’ve got a lot of joints on the side.

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