Interview The Alchemist

Two days after the release of his somophore album "Chemical Warfare", we had the opportunity to interview the one and only Alchemist. Between throwing shots at Noreaga and Scram Jones on Twitter and deejaying for Eminem, the producer stays busy. What we thought was going to be a promo day for him finally was a calm day with only one interview scheduled: ours. We use this opportunity to talk journalism with him and even made a bet. If we ask him original questions, the chemist would give us a free hi-hat. Be ready for an unusual exercise.

06/09/2009 | Interview by The Unseen Hand with contributions from Nicobbl et JB (Traduction) | Version française

Abcdr: Jay Z recently dropped 'D.O.A.' and I’ve heard it originally stands for "Death Of Alchemist Beat CDs". Is it true?

Alchemist: Woooooooooo! Damn! Yeah it was the original attention of the song but he decided to switch it the last second. It’s all good though! Me and Hov, we have that type of little competition with each other. We’re going back and forth.

A: What are you going to answer back?

Al: I have applied auto-tune to beats. Now I have a new auto-tune program that makes wack beats sound dope. I’m gonna have those new auto-tune beats so you can see what time it is man. Come on man, you can’t stop me!

A: Is it true that you gave your program to The Inkredibles because I’ve heard they are using it to improve the quality of their beats?

Al: The Inkredibles?

A: Yeah they are in a beef with Justice League.

Al: Oh really? Oh man! Producers’ beef is so exciting!

A: Apparently The Inkredibles have stolen some elements from a Justice League’s session and are using them in their beats.

Al: Yeah I’ve heard one of them hit the other guy with a Motif over the head and the other dude pulled out the SP1200 and smashed it on his thumb. It was a real producer beef! They were throwing disc at each other.

A: I’ve heard you gonna start a producers’ beef to get your buzz up for Chemical Warfare.

Al: Yeah, I’m looking for a really cool producer to start beef with!

A: Is it true that you are going at Rob The Viking?

Al: Rob The Viking? Nah, he’s too good for me man! I’d be scared to go at him. I’ll definitely lose.

A: Who can compete with The Alchemist today?

Al: I don’t know. This is a good question. I’m still trying to figure out who it is. He has to be really really really super funky dope fresh. I’m pretty funky fresh myself! I have some killer dope stupid dance moves and I play piano.

A: So you can play piano and dance at the same time?

Al: Of course! I’ve got all the stupid dope moves. I have a wide variety of dance moves; that I use on any given time when I’m on stage. How do you think I’ve got all the ladies? Did you think it was the beats?

A: No, I thought it was because of Maxwell!

Al: Maxwell is a part of it but the truth is, it’s my fancy footwork. Yeah, I have a lot of fancy footwork.

A: Since Maxwell is on the album, let’s talk about it. Do you think, as of today, “Chemical Warfare” represents your best body of work and the direction you want to take with your music?

Al: No, it’s just like taking a picture at the moment. I can’t predict what I’m gonna do next because I don’t even know what it’s gonna be yet. I feel like I’m pretty futuristic with my sounds but who knows what’s next? You gotta stay tune!

A: Have you already done interviews with other journalist about “Chemical Warfare” and you noticed they had downloaded the album because it wasn’t even out yet?

Al: I guess I didn’t even think about that. I guess that’s right because how else would they have it? But you know what? It doesn’t bother me because people who are fans of music, if they download an album and really like it, they are still gonna buy it. In my opinion, they are still gonna get the good quality version and support the artist. I’ve done that before. I’m pretty confident that the percentage of people who’s gonna download it and not like it is going to be low. You can’t fight technology!

A: Do you still download albums to this day and buy it if you like it?

Al: On occasion, yeah!

A: What’s the last album that you have bought?

Al: Maxwell’s, Cage’s, yeah I still buy albums. I support.

A: Do you think that journalists really have time to digest your music when interviews are set up two days after the release of your album?

Al: Hummmmm, it could still be a good interview but I don’t know if it’s gonna be as knowledgeable about the music as a journalist who would do it a month later. It would be a little different; they might like certain songs that they didn’t like originally or vice versa. I think the way the album is designed; it’s not something that takes you month to get into it. It plays fast: there’s a lot of short joints, it’s a lot of different colors and sounds and if anything I think you might hear it and think it is dope if you don’t have time to sit with it but you might come back to it later. This is a record that gonna sell forever. I’ve built my name up so I’m not a first-week type of artist. I don’t give a fuck about a first week. Every week is my first week to me.

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